Sunday, December 5, 2010

Giantess Bonus: Veronica Lodge Part 1

Ok...playing a little bit of is a tribute to last month's supernatural type of choice...Giantesses. Representing the type is Archie Comics Veronica Lodge who finds herself with a big problem in one of the episodes of her cartoon. The episode proved to have many foot scenes (a lot of which I still need to cap) so consider this one part 1 for her.

uh oh...she looks pretty mad...

(These are from the Archie's Weird Mysteries episode "Attack of the 50 foot Veronica". Massive Thank you to both Martin and JTurner for helping me find and cap this bonus for her.)

For those into femdom, Veronica's personality is a lot of fun. She's a spoiled, selfish, bossy rich girl type who really likes getting her way. (You guys can imagine the trouble she could cause as a GTS. ^_^;) Like most guys would...the lead character in the series Archie lets her get away with a lot because she's really hot. It should be mentioned that Veronica has a sensitive and vulnerable side as well though though it also means she has quite a temper when she's mad. ^_^;

Ok...that's all for now. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. ^_^

Next up...GTS Rampage!!