Sunday, December 5, 2010

@-}-- Day 6 of our 25 Days of Christmas --{-@

Christmas 2010 Gift Guide From Japan
[Source: FlutterScape Cafe] Christmas is just around the corner and you must have been thinking "what should I get for myself or my beloved ones..."

Here is the shopping trend on FlutterScape so far, for this Christmas season.
Fuji Natura Classica 
Mameshiba was really popular last year as well but this kawaiiness still remains this year.

Japan is known for this! Decotti is just an example that some customers were recently purchasing but please check out more of Kawaii products.

Hahaha Rilakkuma is so cute! This Rilakkuma cosplay cap is one of Rilakkuma blockbusters on top of the fact that its USB toy, plushes, mug cups and body pillows, etc. are being recently bought as gifts.

Amazon Danbo Yotsubato Figure
I know, adorable right? Despite its popularity, Amazon Danbo figures are always in limited production therefore carries a scarcity value. The market price is hence so high but people still buy those a lot as well as its MINI ver. 

Togainu No Chi Plushes
Got to FlutterScape Cafe for more info on any of these products.