Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nami (Bonus)

When it comes to One Piece there's one girl that usually pops into everyones head...the sexy navigator Nami. So there's really no better way than to close out this series of One Piece tributes than with a Nami foot extravaganza. Enjoy everyone!!!

(One again I have the Master of Sole Shots Match25 to thank for providing me with cool pictures for this bonus (including an awesome Nami collage by MasterFoot for Ticklemedia). These pics are taken from various One Piece episodes but the bulk of them are from episode 154)

While Nico's feet are the ones that people would love being a footslave too, Nami's are the kind that that people could spend the rest of their life worshipping. Look at how soft and smooth her soles and imagine how nice it will feel having them rubbed against your face. :-D

Ok...on an important sidenote...One Piece episodes seem to be pretty easily obtainable for me so if there are any good foot scenes that you want to see me post, just tell me the episode number and I will try to cap it.

Anyway, I hope everyone liked these tributes to the series and as usual more to come soon!!-KSC