Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Girls (Bonus)

Ok everyone...after leaving you guys at the mercy of these Spies feet for the past couple of weeks...I'm back and posting. :-D Continuing right where we left off, here is a tribute to last month's poll winner Kairi along with some other Kingdom Hearts women who somehow managed to sneak their way into this bonus as well. ^_^; Enjoy guys!!


It's understandable why Kairi is most people's redhead of choice. She really is a great character. As the lead female in the Kingdom Hearts series, it's not easy for Kairi to be able stand out among characters like Tifa, Aerith, Ariel, Jane, Elizabeth Swann, Selphie or Yuna, but she manages to hold her own. Part of the reason is that Kairi is obviously smoking hot but she also has a really compelling personality as well. She's like the sweet girl next door type but at the same time there is a real strength to her. She cares about her friends and is willing to do anything to protect them. One of her most touching moments in the series is when she sacrifices her heart to protect Sora.

The nice thing about the footwear Kairi wears in Kingdom Hearts one is that it allows us to view a little bit of her ankles and heels. Sadly when her form gets updated in Kingdom Hearts 2 she trades in her clogs for less revealing sneakers and loafers. I will say that Kairi's older version does look really hot though and the two outfits that she wears (one of which is a catholic schoolgirl costume) are really sexy. Being a princess and hanging out on the beaches of Destiny Island a lot, I imagine that Kairi's feet are really soft and smooth. It would be really awesome to get teased by them having them rub against your face and tempting you to worship them. :-)


Namine makes her debut in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories as a mysterious girl that Sora (the Kingdom Hearts main character) encounters in Castle Oblivion. Through the course of the game it is revealed that she is working with Organization 13 (one of the prime groups of antagonists of the KH series). In an attempt to bring Sora under the organization's control, she uses her powers to manipulate memories to alter Sora's mind placing replacing Sora's memories of Kairi with herself. (This turns out not to be a huge stretch since the game later reveals that she is a piece of Kairi left behind after Kairi's heart was removed). Ultimately her plan fails because Sora's friendship proves to be too strong.

Namine is a very interesting character and undergoes a lot of growth in the series. She starts off as a puppet of the organization but develops her own free will through interactions with other characters. Eventually seeing the goodness in Sora's heart causes her to go against the organization and remind him of his true identity. (You guys really should play Chain of Memories if you haven't's an awesome game.) Namine's personality is a lot more withdrawn then Kairi. Like Kairi, she has a really sweet demeanor but you can also tell that there's a loneliness to her too. While she is forced by the organization to manipulate people's memory, you can see that deep down she is a good person. It's interesting to note that both the characters she manipulates realize that too choosing to protect her from the organization even after what she did is revealed to them.

Unlike her counterpart, Namine wears sandals allowing us to get a really good view of what her feet look like. I imagine that she wouldn't need her memory controlling powers to manipulate a foot fetishist. All she would need to do is wiggle her toes and we would be on our knees worshiping her feet like there was no tomorrow. ^_^


One of the residents of Twilight town is member of a trio of friends that hand out with Roxas (the character you start Kingdom Hearts 2 with). Olette has a relatively minor role in the Kingdom Hearts series and sadly doesn't have any barefoot scenes. Still its hard not to notice this attractive female member of the group. Olette has a very playful personality. She probably enjoy getting her feet tickled or teasing you by playfully wiggling her toes in your face and coaxing you into worshiping her feet.


A member of Organization 13, Larxene is the bad girl of the series. Nicknamed the Savage Nymph, this gal is sadistic and cruel. She seems to enjoy physically and psychologically tormenting people and even goes about it playfully. Her abilities include lightning manipulation and the ability to make copies of herself. She probably the most agile member of the team attacking Sora with quick kicks and jabs when she fought against him. Her weapons of choice are a set of throwing knives which she can infuse with electricity to add on the hurt. Ouch!!

If you guys regularly read this blog, you can probably guess that being a hot blond bad girl with a dominatrix type of personality, Larxene is one of my favorites. :-D I bet being a bit of sadist, Larxene would enjoy using her feet to dominate people and force them to worship them. Being a footslave to her would probably be a lot of fun.


Xion appears in the Kingdom Hearts game 358/2 days. In comparison to Larxene, this mysterious 14th member of Organization 13 is considerably friendlier. Like the other Kingdom Hearts women, Xion is really attractive. I really love her soft blue eyes. You get the feeling that this is the type of girl that can cheer you up just by smiling at you. Despite being a member of organization 13, Xion is nice and kind. She loves seashells and watching the ocean from the beach or sitting on the clocktower watching the horizon and eating Ice Cream with her friends. She really places a high value on friendship and would do anything to help her few friends in the organization (just like they would for her). Xion has the ability to wield the Ultimate kingdom hearts weapon the Keyblade. With it comes the ability to defeat the heartless and collect their hearts (something she does for the Organization).

Among the Organization XIII members Xion is probably the most hardworking. She's constantly try to improve her skills and even on the days off she takes the train really hard. I bet at the end of a busy day of heart collecting she would really appreciate a nice long foot rub. I imagine the line of volunteers would probably be pretty long. ^_^


(With this last set of's probably a good time to mention that the pictures for this set were a combination of webfinds and caps from various cut scenes in the series.)

Ok finally to complete this bonus...we have the new girl of the series Aqua. This blue haired hottie is one of three characters (and the only female lead) that you can play as in the recently released Kingdom Hearts game Birth by Sleep Having yet to play through this game...I know very little about her. The game is set 10 years before the events of the original Kingdom Hearts and seems to surround a Keyblade war. (Check out the Kingdom Hearts 2 secret trailer). I don't whether Aqua shows her feet in the game. Though her costume makes it unlikely, Breakthewall did point out a really interesting scene involving her in one of the trailers and there are a couple of beaches she visits so I'm crossing my fingers. :-D No matter what...I'd still definitely love to worship this cute Keyblade Wielder's feet and get used as a footstool by her.

--------------------------- announcement guys. Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) has recently organized a brand new DA artwork dedication. This one has a Halloween Theme and centers around Cosplayer's feet. As with the last bonus I will try and showcase any artwork as well as the artists who contributed them to the best of my abilities posting links to their DA pages and any websites featuring their artwork they would like me to promote. If you guys have any Cosplay pictures you want to contribute or know any cosplayers who might be interested please contact Match here for guidelines and instructions for submitting your artwork. I'd definitely be really be honored to feature any contribution you submit. ^_^

Ok everyone, I think I've probably talked enough for one night so I'll leave you to enjoy the Kingdom Hearts girls in peace. I was planning to include a Mega Spotlights column in this one but let's save that for the next post. All things going according to schedule...the Blond finale should be up next.

On that note...more to come soon!!