Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maylene Bonus 2

Here's yet another reason to be thanking Match25. After my last tribute for Maylene I was prepared to move onto the next girl and completely leave this girl behind. Fortunately, Match convinced me there was still more of her to show providing me with a new clip of her to cap. Anyway, enjoy the final in a series of what I like to call Mayday posts ;-)

(These were capped from Pokemon episodes 66, 67, and 69. Once again kudos to the Master of Sole shots for not only assisting me greatly with this bonus but convincing me to post her again so soon.)

So in addition to two posts of May, you guys got another set of Maylene as well. Three posts in one that's a new record. Don't get used to it guys! ;-) I should probably take a day off from blogging her to recuperate. Oh wait tommorow is Friday. Ok...In that case I'll do my usual end of the week entry spotlights, future plans and all. Who will be the subject of tommorow's bonus? Well...there were a couple of girls I didn't get to tribute from my last poll. Can you guess which one I am going to post? ;-)

Anyway, Good Night Everyone!!