Thursday, July 24, 2008

Giganta (Bonus)

The tributes reach new heights as Giganta takes center stage!! Enjoy guys!!!

(Most of these are webfinds from various sites. A few of them I capped from a Giganta clip. Unfortunately, Giganta doesn't go barefoot during her relatively few appearances in Justice League so I threw in a few pictures of her comic book counterpart)

Besides Giganta's pretty appearance, there are obvious advantages (or disadvantages depending on how you look at it) to being her footslave. Since she has the ability to go GTS, she could force you to take care of her humongous feet or torture you with them making you her living insole. o_o

Over the past couple of days...I've been working on the introduction for the Fantasy De-booting league main event (among other projects). I'm planning to post the first chapter on Saturday. To help build up hype for it. I created a space where I'm planning to post teaser/bonus material between now and saturday. You can check it out here:
A fair warning though...this one is just for hardcore debooting league fans!! more week left before the end of the month. I'll try and get a few more tributes out to some of the other poll members before then. Looks like tommorow is Friday. You guys know what that means right? ;-)

Alright...Until Next time