Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Queen Beryl (Bonus)

With one day before the poll closes...the tributes are going to come hard and fast as I try to squeeze in all of the remaining poll members. First up is the Queen of the negaverse herself...Queen Beryl. Unfortunately Beryl doesn't go barefoot in the anime at all* forcing us to imagine how hot her feet would look. :-( Instead I posted a scene where she makes Tuxedo Mask her slave. Hope you guys like it!

(I capped these from Sailor Moon Episode 40. Too bad Beryl didn't make Darien kiss her feet instead right?)

Sailor Moon has a lot of cool villainesses (all of whom are worthy of having their feet adored by fans). In the end, I picked Queen Beryl because I figured that being the original Sailor Moon Villainess, she would be the most recognizable. It helps that she's easy on the eyes as well.

Ok two more tributes to go before the poll closes out. I'll also have something special for the poll winner as well. ^_^

Stay tuned


*Note: The only thing that comes even remotely close to a barefoot Beryl scene are scenes involving her teenage counterpart in Sailor Moon Live. However, that character is so obnoxious I wouldn't dream of inflicting her on you guys.