Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Phenomenon of Utopia Inside Anime

Utopia - a perfect world, something that people long for and yet never ask, because it is impossible. Anyone who is trying to create a utopia today will probably be scoffed at and derided for the naive idealism. Yet, it still fascinates us, it is impossible concept. And although it might not be realistic to dream that we live in "utopia" any time soon, you can still back in our dreams and fantasies. And so, this is one of the most prevalent concepts in several plots anime series:. The search for the famed and legendary utopia

anime, which first came into my mind when I hear the word "utopia" and "anime" in one sentence the Deathnote. Yagami Light, the main character was someone who was terribly disappointed that the world has become, with its ever-increasing crime rates and any deterioration in the company. But when he got hold deathnote, a laptop computer that he could use to kill anyone wants as long as you know the person's name and face, I started using this to create their own world, a utopia of sorts based its definition. He wanted to create a world in which good citizens should be free to roam. On the theory that society will be perfect if you remove the bad eggs. However, his way of "cleansing" the world through oppression. And instead of creating a utopia, it would create a dystopia, where the main oppressors to him and all people to worship him as a "god". Of course, this kind of thinking will never go nekaĹžnjeno.Distopije where people live in total oppression, will be worse than the world that could never be a utopia. And that is because L, the world's greatest detective, decides against the action of Light. Thus begins the elusive game of cat and mouse.

A similar situation in which the character wants to create a utopia in the anime, Naruto. It was recently discovered in the manga that Akatsuki goal is to pit people against each other and to make people dependent on them and their weapons (Jinchuuriki), allowing Akatsuki eventually take control of the world. After delving further into the background Akatsuki Leader, Pein, we learn that he had experience as a trauma to the child because of the war that broke out in his country. And to end all wars, he decides to wreak havoc on all other countries, causing a war, to make them feel the pain he felt. He thinks that people feel pain, he can force them to feel disgusted in all forms of war, and thus bring peace. It's a nice concept, but it is weak and likely to succeed.

In fact, it is ironic that the villains are usually the ones who are trying to create a utopia, only to cause more damage in an attempt to bring about perfection. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I think that's what makes these characters so appealing - his desire for utopia is the desire we all share. Yet most of us are content to just sit back and reject it as impossible. These figures, however, are those who are not afraid to try. Against all expectations, they sought to their aim, deceived as they were.