Saturday, February 5, 2011

Veronica Finale

Ok's the last set of Archie Weird Mystery caps concluding Veronica's GTS storyline. Where we left Ms. Lodge she had taken out her sudden growth frustrations on the local clothing store. What follows next is a bit of tongue in cheek stuff that you'll either really sweet or really sappy depending on you level of cynicism.

Realizing that in her rage Veronica destroyed one of the thins she loves most (dresses), she breaks into tears.

Her friend Jughead notices her crying...

and cheers her up. ^_^

They both head towards a lab to fix her condition with Jughead feeling like he was king of the world.

Veronica apologizes to Archie for throwing him across her yard.

Archie tells her its no problem and he would reacted the same way if he was in her shoes.

Veronica laughs and points out that she's not even in her shoes.

She then shows him her bare feet...

and wiggles her toes for him.

She also gives Jughead a big kiss for helping her before getting turned back to normal.

(One again I have to give some really gigantic thank yous to Martin and Jturner for recommending and providing this episode. Awesome find guys!!)

I guess the moral of this story is to remember to treat your giantesses nicely guys. ^_^

Ok for the next entry...I'll be stepping aside from posting. (Ino has been pressuring me to stop typing so much and worship her feet a little bit more ^_^;) However I'm going to be leaving you in good hands as one of the Legends among the anime foot fan community makes his blogging debut. Stay tuned guys!!