Sunday, February 6, 2011

Logistical Support and Medical Division uses

The Logistical Support and Medical Division (後方支援医療部隊, Kōhōshien Iryō Butai) of the Allied Shinobi Forces are a group of Medical-nin from various villages that have been put together in preparation for the war against Akatsuki
Almost immediately after this respective division's formation, during a short introduction to one another, Shizune identifies herself as the individual in charge and announces her optimistic exceptions of serving with them all. However, she quickly retorts that while she is on the subject of serving, Tonton is not to be eaten under any circumstances. Taking a brief opportunity to ensure that they are sufficiently equipped, the squad then mobilizes alongside the remainder of the Allied Shinobi Forces, with each member bearing a distinctive supply bag on their back
Informed of Shikaku Nara's revised strategy that better reflects the confrontations current developments, by Inoichi Yamanaka's Intelligence Division, Shizune separates her division in order to guarantee that the Medical-nin are evenly distributed amongst the injured parties, to better attend to the wounded