Thursday, January 6, 2011

Superman/Batman Apocalypse: Supergirl (Mega-Post)

I was saving this particular set of caps for another bonus but I wanted to do something special to commemorate the new year. If you guys have been around probably know that I have a huge crush on Supergirl and one of my early posts was the comic book version of this scene. I guess in a way she's like a founding member of this site. Anyway I went a little bit overboard with this one capping any scene remotely involving her feet of which there were many. Enjoy guys!!

I should probably mention that I was fairly conservative capping this scene and that more than just her feet were exposed in this film. Use that knowledge as you see fit. ;-)

Lucky Batman! ^_^

Aw she looks so cute when she's frightened. ^_^;

Supeman's Dog Krypto has a cameo in this film. :-) It doesn't look like he gets along with Supergirl. ^_^;

The film had a shopping sequence showing Supergirl acting like a normal teenage girl.

Apparently for teenage girl a love of sexy footwear inherent. :-D

Although they don't show it...There's proof later on that in addition to a manicure she got a pedicure too. :-D

I love the red polish. :-D

Amazon Gladiator Supergirl

The woman that she is facing is Artemis...a hottie in her own right. :-)

Evil Supergirl

Lucky Superman!! ^_^;

(All of these were taken from the animated DC film Superman/Batman Apocalypse. Massive thank yous to both Match25 (the legendary Master of Sole Shots) and Dave for tipping me off to this movie. Both of you really rock.)

I love the animation in the film. You can see that the style is modeled after Michael Turner's artwork (the artist who did the original comic version). This is great because he is one of my favorite comic artists. While the comic version remains the best for me. The animation studio did a really amazing job adapting his panels for film. In contrast with the streamlined animation of her Superman the Animated Series counterpart (who looks hot too), the Superman/Batman Apocalypse version of Supergirl is more detailed giving her a much more realistic feel to her. The way some of the scenes are presented in the film gives me the feeling that the animation team were influenced by anime as well.

In terms of storylines, the Comic version of this story "The Supergirl From Krypton" was one of my favorites story arcs. There were certain changes to the story that the film decided that I wasn't too crazy about. On the plus side they expanded Supergirl's role in the film giving us more scenes involving the character to appreciate. However, I feel that it came at the expense of other characters (particular Superman). There was a lot of character exploration and developments that the comic looked at that I feel the film sort of glazed over. This becomes particularly noticeable in the last fight of the movie. Still overall the film was really good with plenty of moments involving Supergirl's feet to boot. (I really is insane just how much she is barefoot in the movie. Her feet should get their own credits acknowledgment :-D) I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

A nice sidenote (as Dave pointed out) is that the actress who did the voice for Supergirl is Summer Glau (of Terminator fame) who is quite a hottie herself. ^_^ I think that she does a great job portraying Supergirl and I probably would never have guessed it was her had I not been told beforehand.

Ok...I think that now is a good time to reveal the game plan heading into the new year. I really have a lot to catch up on. There was a lot of material that I still need to post, Old stories that I'm still hoping to finish, New story ideas that I'm hoping to write out, Mega-Tributes that I need to organize and post (some really great sets from a lot of you). I enlisted the aid of a couple of familiar friends who graciously offered to help me out posting f this site so hopefully you'll see great entries from them as well as well.

I'm definitely going to tie up the loose ends involving the previous poll winners. The Giantess, Bulma and Mizore tributes should be done this month. After that I think I may go random a bit for the first part of the year avoiding posting long series tributes just cause they take a lot time and I can post one shot tributes a lot faster. I'll still continue to work on some of the big sets in the meantime though. :-D

I'm also working on a major site upgrade that will include some new features and segments including some new entries, spotlights, mini-games and sexy female characters. Working on an updated banner and layout for the website as well. It should be a lot of fun. :-)

Ok Everyone...Up Up and Away!!!