Sunday, December 26, 2010

A New Anime "Documentary" About North Korea

 Emotional Content is working on "North"
an animated project focusing on North Korea's prison camps.

"North Korea - The Worst Human Rights Crisis in the World Today." - Human Rights Watch

A group of animators and human right activists from Japan are determined to produce an animation film to inform, inspire, and empower others to raise a voice against heinous human rights violations inside North Korea's notorious concentration camps, where over 200,000 "violators" are overworked, tortured, raped or publicly executed today.
"In the repatriation program in the 60's, more than 93,000 Japanese Koreans left Japan to head to North Korea, which was promised by North Korea leaders to be "Heaven on Earth." The main character's family was one of the families who took the voyage to this "Heaven on Earth", to dedicate their lives and wealth for the construction of what was meant to be the greatest nation, and that would promote communist idealism.

Relatively peaceful days in Pyongyang enjoyed by the family abruptly ended with the disappearance of the grandfather, and the main character's forced transfer to Yudok concentration camp. Suffering through years of forced labor, violence, and the loss of loved ones, the main character grows to become a man from inside the concentration camp...."

Funding is being raised via Kickstart