Saturday, November 20, 2010

May Megapost Finale took almost 2 months to post (and over a year to organize) but here is the final May set containing all her barefoot scenes in the anime. Enjoy guys!!

That Manaphy gets increasingly lucky throughout the movie getting hugged and nuzzled repeatedly by May.

as promised here is more of may in her special coordinator costume...
Arabian Princess/Coordinator Costume May

as well as more....
Ninja May

and last but not least more...
Swimsuit May

Note: Yes I capped Sharpedo Attacks in the past but wasn't happy about the quality of some of my caps. Here a little more from the episode.

(These are from Various episodes of the Pokemon Anime and movies. I had a lot of help in this one. Massive thank yous to BlackViper1201, DX_Forever, Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots) and Master Webfinder Mr. E for finding and providing some caps for her. I also have to give a tremendous thank you to the Pokemon Master fan Juancho who really went all out to make sure that May had a great bonus capping and searching for scenes and pictures of her. A huge thanks to the Otakupherenia and the Bare Necessities blog as well for making some swimsuit Material easy to find.)

Completing the is a compilation of all the May material I posted including the two recent ones and two sets from awhile back.

After 5 bonuses involving May, I think I'm running out of things to say about her. May remains my favorite of Ash's female companions. I think she's really friendly and nice. I miss her in the anime quite a bit. ^_^

Ok much to catch up on. I still need to post a GTS tribute. I'll also try to catch up on other posts as well over the Thanksgiving break. ^_^ Depending on when I make my next entry I may not get the chance to say this before Turkey day so let me just wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Watch out for flying yams!! ;-)