Monday, September 8, 2008

Farah (Bonus)

My next mega bonus (starring two gorgeous hotties and featuring pictures from Match25 that will make you want to lick your screen) will take me a little while to get together but in the meantime I'll give you something to to hold you over while you're waiting...some pictures of a beautiful princess for you to enjoy.

(Just a couple of webfinds involving the lovely Farah from the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Trilogy)

Farah is definitely an attractive and a cool character. Although she pales in comparison to Kaileena (who is type of woman you would want to travel across time to meet), Farah is a great heroine and definitely worthy of having her feet worshiped.

There are couple of things that I didn't get to mention in my end of the week entry because Morrigan (being the attention hog she is) took up all the spotlights. First off there was a great storyline involving Wonder Woman that StreetFighterDash added to his Tickling interactive:
and I would also like to thank the author dde2 for adding a chapter to my Comic Book interactive involving Lois Lane:

Ok everyone...have a nice day and as usual, more to come soon.