Friday, August 15, 2008

Suki (Bonus)

Although the foot scenes involving Azula were definitely the highlight of the Avatar finale, the producers gave us another great bonus as well...the cute Kyoshi Leader also goes barefoot for a brief scene. In my opinion Suki is the 3rd hottest female character in Avatar (After Azula and Mai that is ^_^). Enjoy!!

(These were capped from the Avatar Finale: Souzin's comet and various other episodes involving Suki.)

This Week:

This week in between enjoying the Olympics, (7 gold medals for Michael Phelps Woo Hoo!!) I managed to add a couple of DBZ Shrink Interactive chapters involving Android 18 and Suki here:
I'm also working on the conclusion to the FDL main event which I'm hoping to have up Tommorow Night!!


With SFD's continuation of a 20 woman (one of which is Azula) tag team debooting match (the main event) there's no question that Fantasy Debooting League Interactive deserves a spotlight.

Dylan M. has also released a great new chapter involving Azula playing some mind games with Naruto for his Naruto/Avatar interactive here:

Also, Daniel Wickie continues his thread involving everybody's favorite firebender here:

On a completely unrelated coincedence, Azula happens to be standing over my shoulder while I type these spotlights. Yowch!! Um...She also wants me to make it clear that I only picked these stories because she is such a cool, beautiful, and intelligent character and not because she is threatening me with a fireball.

Coming Up:

I could tell you what I have planned for next week, but that would spoil the surprise. :-D Ok...if you really want a hint...see last week's end of the week entry and check earlier in this one for clues. Yeah basically I'm running a little behind schedule again and still have some old projects to finish. ^_^

Ok...I'd better go. Azula is demanding another foot rub again. *Rolls eyes* It's always such a pleasure when she comes to visit me. Anyway, as usual more to come soon!!