Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jessie (Bonus)

It's time to prepare for trouble as my poll member tributes continue. This one is for the sexy pokemon thief Jessie from Team Rocket. Enjoy Everyone!!

(This time round, these aren't my caps. They are a collection of webfinds from Otakuphrenia's Anime Girl Image galleries. I recommend you check out the site for more including swimsuit pics of Misty and Dawn o_o)

One thing I love about Jessie is that she wears those sexy thigh high boots alot. I imagine that after running around in those boots all day, her feet would be tired, sweaty, and sore. If you were her footslave, she probably would have you rubbing her feet pretty frequently.

Ok...I think I'll end my entry here allowing everyone to stare at Jessie's feet in peace. As usual more to come soon!!

For now...KingCastle's blasting off again!!