Friday, July 18, 2008

Emerald (Bonus)'s time for my end of the week entry and this time I've got a new villainess tribute for you guys. This one is for the lovely Emerald who is arguably one of the prettier Sailor Moon Villainesses...Enjoy!!

(These pictures were capped from various Sailor Moon Episodes. The bulk of them were taken from a scene involving Emerald taking a bath that got censored out of the North American version. I guess Emerald's bare feet were just too sexy to show close up ^_^)

When it comes to Sailor Moon villainesses, I have three favorites: Emerald, Kaorinite and Prisma. The only reason why I didn't give a top spot to one of them was that I figured Queen Beryl (being the longest running SM villainess) was probably more well known. I think of all the Sailor Moon villainesses, I probably would enjoy being Emerald's footslave the most because not only is this woman drop dead gorgeous but she also wears those sexy thigh high boots. Ok on that sexy image...let's move on!!

I mentioned in my last entry that I was probably overshooting with my plans for this week and unfortunately I was correct. I had some real life business that I needed to take care of and as a result, I didn't get much done other than a few Mary Jane chapters toward the end of the week. There are a lot of different directions I can see the story going so I'll try to give everyone as many options as possible.

This week added a new feature that I was very happy about. Now when you read an interactive chapter you can find all the other interactive chapters that the author has written by clicking on the more from this author link. It's a nifty new feature and I spent the morning browsing some of my favorite authors contributions that I never knew about before. I also found out I've written over 400 wonder why I'm so exhausted. Speaking of other author's work...

I'm happy to say that in recent weeks...I've noticed that there has been a boom in the amount of great writing and stories both from new and returning authors alike. It looks like this section will be pretty busy in the future. Way to go everyone!!!

There are two stories in particular that I would like to spotlight this week. The first is the anime stories by the new author Hellapinoy: I was going to spotlight this story last week but the author took the story offline to edit it. Fortunately it's back now. Obviously with only a few chapters at the moment this story is just getting off the ground. However, what makes this story shine is its Morrigan thread. Not only was it well developed but it was exciting to read through and I recommend everybody reads it at least once.

Considering how much I love this probably isn't any surprise that my next story is the Naruto/Avatar and Foot Stink interactive for its new additions from its moderator: Yup...Dylan M. returns to give us a great new story thread involving Ty Lee and Naruto. :-D

Next Week:

I'm tempted to tell you guys to just look at last week's entry. Basically I'll be working on every story I didn't get to besides the Mary Jane story. That includes...Wonder Woman, Soulcalibur, the FDL Main Event, Jean Grey, Huntress, Supergirl etc. Well that's plenty of work leading into next week. Since I'm so eager to get started on it all...I'll end my entry here

Good Night Everyone!